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Manitou Ridge Men's Club

Baldwin Tests New Amphibious Cart (2012)
Long-time Men's Club member Jack Baldwin apparently heard a rumor that Manitou had purchased new golf carts that are good on both land and water.  As you can see in the picture above, the water portion of that equation did NOT work.  Since Jack can't swim this quickly became a potentially dangerous situation.  But his cart partner Brunsy quickly bailed which gave Jack room to crawl for safety.  Luckily a few passers-by were able to assist with extrication from the pond by the 3rd green.

Brunsy assisted with the cart rescue but a visit from the beverage cart was required before he would again hop on with Jack.  Brunsy was also witnessed leaving the course after nine holes, purportedly for a dinner engagement but we think the close encounter with the pond was a contributing factor...

Thank God for cell phone cameras!!
Dan O'Rourke says again this year, "I'm gonna play more this year!"
Boy, Mark Foley sure had a nice house before Bernie Madoff got to him!  Sorry Mark, I guess it's back to Mahtomedi!
2012 Chili Open
OK, it's not an official Men's Club event but several members got together in November for the 60th annual Jack Baldwin's Chili Open.  Tommy Fargo holed out from 85 yards for an eagle on #1 to lead the team of Baldwin, Fargo, Scherek and Hanson to victory.  Congrats and nice shot T Fargo!!